Prophet David Owuor honoured with private jet in Brazil

Reis said the Man of God was honoured with the Private jet to facilitate his gospel mission in Brazil.

Prophet David Owuor with two pilots of a private jet he was honoured with for his gospel activites during his Brazil mission.
Image: Handout

The gospel mission of Prophet Dr. David Owuor in Brazil received a remarkable honour as he was gifted a private jet by the State Deputy, Rosenverg Reis, of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro.

The generous gesture was extended to facilitate the Prophet's gospel mission in Brazil, with the State expressing gratitude for his dedication to spreading the message of the cross and the transformative power of Jesus.

"We thank the Man of God for his dedication to spreading the gospel of the cross and the transformative power of Jesus.

We have decided as a State to honour him with a high-end Lear Business Jet 45 from Bombardier Aerospace Manufacturers to facilitate his gospel mission," stated Rosenverg Reis.

Prophet Owuor on the plane
Image: Handout

Under this arrangement, every time Prophet Owuor visits Brazil, he will utilize the specified jet for his missions across all states, accompanied by dedicated pilots.

The prophet's revival mission commenced in Rio de Janeiro, featuring a National Conference of Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel and culminating in a massive healing service in the city of Duque de Caxias and the coastal city of Cabo Frio.

The Mayor of Cabo Frio, Magdala Furtado, expressed gratitude for the impactful ministry, message of hope, and healing brought by Prophet Owuor, considering it a source of inspiration for positive change in the nation.

The events witnessed miraculous healings, with reports of the crippled walking, the blind regaining sight, and the deaf hearing, among other conditions. Two doctors also attested to their healing from various ailments.

The Mayor of Cabo Frio Magdala Furtado with her Cabinet share a picture with Prophet David Owuor during his Brazil mission.
Image: Handout

As Prophet Owuor's mission concluded, he was hosted to an exclusive dinner by Rosenverg Reis, who applauded the Man of God for a successful gospel mission in Rio de Janeiro.

Looking ahead, Reis invited Prophet Owuor to a mega gospel crusade in Brazil at the same time next year.

The Repentance and Holiness Ministry leader is expected to return to his home country on Wednesday.