Kumbe! Butita making project inspired by Maribe/Jowie murder case

Netizens reacted humourously to the revelation made by one of Kenya's premier comedy scriptwriters

Eddie Butita
Image: Instagram

Renowned Kenyan comedian and creative director Eddie Butita is embarking on a new project inspired by the murder case of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Expressing enthusiasm for the script, Butita revealed that the project is influenced by the complex and prolonged legal proceedings involving Joseph Jowie Irungu and former TV personality Jacque Maribe.

Following the court's verdict, Butita took to X on Friday, February 9, 2024, emphasizing that it's the opportune moment to narrate the story.

"I have been working on a great script inspired by Jacque and Jowie's case. Finally, the judgment is out, now let us tell the story. Script mode activated," shared Butita.

Read reactions from netizens who saw his post:

Mercy Nicky@Mercynicky_ Nipee part niact

Nairobi Scents@NairobiScents So you're saying this whole Jowie Maribe saga was Scripted?

Odogwu@Wamkota1 Naeza act hio part ya itumbi mzee?

Gneicho Writes@Gneicho_ Mkifika part jowie ashaingia jela na mnatafuta mtu ata act kama askari jela ,pick

Bookten8 dude has the appearance for that role

6.6KKaysparks ๏ฃฟ@Kaysparks_ยท Hapo kwa act ya baboon nitaact kama Bookten. Kindly consider me, thanks.

4KRamesh Saxena@Docktus_ Here we go

Allanoโ„ข@papaallano_ Nipee role ya Tech boy kama iko

764Book Ten@Bookten8ยท Nita act kama soja

๐™Ž๐™ƒ๐™Š๐™๐™€๐™€๐™‰ This will be huge9

KAllan Obare@AllanObare4 Jomba wacha nikuwe waterboy

KNkiro@nkiro_doesยท Nikona scripts naandika, one inspired by the Sharon Atieno case.. Plans to finish it before I bag my film degree

cathy mutuku When are you releasing it

derrick! you want some music score for the film i am open to be a part of the team working on it if given a chance to.

Neema Wawuda@neemawawudaยท If you are looking for Jackie... look no further i have the forehead and experience with chasing red flags. Meisner all the way. The role will help me heal