DJ Gibbzy's new jam 'Squeeze' released

DJ Gibbzy
Image: Instagram

'Squeeze' by Tanzania superstar rapper, producer, and DJ, Gibbzy is finally out.

The song which was shot by Nairobi’s finest director Antivirus celebrates the opulence of Rap with some touch of dance & Afrobeats.

It also celebrates the adoration of women and the good life.

The song is  Produced and performed by Gibbzy.

This masterpiece of a record is guaranteed to serve good vibes.

Symbolizing the space that Gibbzy sees himself in life, “Squeeze” escalates the sounds of freedom, confidence, and a feeling of self-belief in the person he is becoming and a word of encouragement to his fans to always go for what their hearts desire.

This single solidifies his place amongst the greats and furthers the evolution of his sound, songwriting, production, and engineering in general.

Describing the music, Gibbzy says it plays as the sound of a young African who’s hungry for success.

The leading DJ, Producer and rapper, remains one of the most prolific, popular, and elegant DJs to come up at a very high speed in a very short span of time out of Tanzania and East Africa at large.

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