Zuchu excites fans as she takes care of Diamond and Zari's daughter

Tiffah could barely speak as she tried wiping tears off her face.

Diamond and his kids together with Zuchu
Image: courtesy

A video of Tanzanian songstress Zuchu consoling Diamond's eldest child, Princess Tiffah has gone viral eliciting mixed reactions from netizens.

In the video, 7-year-old Tiffah (whom Zuchu's on and off boyfriend and boss Diamond Platinumz shares with Ugandan socialite Zari) could be seen weeping seconds before the 'Honey' crooner walked over to her and sweetly began consoling her. Zuchu could be heard asking the child why she was crying.

Tiffah could barely speak as she tried wiping tears off her face.

In the undated video, Diamond and his family (in the company of Zuchu) were seen enjoying a boat ride cruise before Tiffah got emotional. Through her conversation with Zuchu, the artist was able to discern that Tiffah was emotional as she was scared of the boat ride.

"Twende mum. You know it's fun it's just like a yacht... she's scared. It's just like yacht the one that you went with bibi it's not dangerous," the Tanzanian songstress could be heard telling Zari's child as she walked her over to where her dad was seated.

Still trying to console her, the 'Chapati' crooner went on to add;

"You are not going to drown. Are you going to try and take a nap? what do you want to eat? Don't cry. You don't want to eat anything? Just try and take a nap,"

Finally, Zuchu helped Tiffah completely wipe away her tears, and gently placed her next to her dad, covering the child with a light blanket, reassuring her that all would be well.

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