Nakuru couple robbed of Sh700K after leaving bank in Nakuru

Crime Scene.

Investigators are searching for a group that attacked and stole two Sh700,000 from a couple in Nakuru.

The police said that the couple had withdrawn the money on Friday afternoon and was travelling home on a motorbike when they were ambushed.

Authorities believe that the victims were followed from the bank by the attackers, who were driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle and carrying a weapon.

It seems the couple had already been informed about the considerable sum they had taken out, which allowed the gang to act with accuracy.

Police say that Joy Chebii and her husband Benson Langat took money out of a bank in the central business district of Nakuru in order to pay for building supplies for their rental houses in Rongai.

They decided to have lunch at a local restaurant after their trip to the bank, and then they got into a matatu and drove home.

They changed to a boda boda when they got to Sobea junction.

But a short distance ahead, a Toyota Prado blocked their way, and people with guns got out, threatening to take the money from the couple.

The woman reported to police that after her husband had yielded, one of the shooters had stolen her handbag and sped off.

The woman added they were told not to stare at the gang's faces.

With the money, the group fled the site. All that was left for the pair was Sh2,000, which was in a separate pocket.

Later, the spouse was covered in a sack and left on the side of the road.

After the couple brought the issue to the attention of the Menengai police station, officers announced that they would be looking into it.

Wilberforce Sicharani, the head of Rongai police, stated that a team is looking into the situation and will be visiting the bank as part of the robbery inquiry.

He cautioned the people against utilising bags or carrying big amounts of cash in bulk.

“Let those with such money seek for police help to transport the same,” he said.

These historical occurrences, which are becoming more frequent, have been connected to corrupt bank employees working with the gang.

Before they follow their victims and launch an attack, some thugs typically loiter at banks to see who takes out what.

According to police, they have solved similar cases in the past, and they are still working on the unresolved ones.