Examiner dies after being struck by helicopter blades in Garissa

This is the third Helicopter to crash in a span of two days

Examiner dies after being struck by helicopter blades in Garissa

An examiner in the ongoing national tests was killed after being struck by helicopter blades at a village in Ijara, Garissa.

The examiner, a deputy head teacher at Masalani, died on the scene after being struck in the head by the chopper's blades.

According to witnesses, he was hit by the chopper's rear blade as he dismounted. He had no idea the rear blade was working, and officials had not been instructed to approach the helicopter from the front rather than the back.

He was one of the officials on board the chopper.

“Normally, the rear blade is not visible to laymen when a chopper is on and is always advisable to approach the chopper from the front side,” said one pilot.

The blade was damaged and plucked off out of the impact of the incident.

The examiner’s materials lay next to the body with blood caked around his head after the tragedy.

Police were called to the scene and took the body to the mortuary pending an investigation.

Officials said there were plans to airlift the materials using a different chopper.

The area is affected by among others heavy rains that have rendered most roads impassable and insecure.

Kenya National Examination Council has organized dozens of choppers to help in airlifting the materials and officials from one place to the other.

On Monday, another chopper that was on a similar mission crashed at the Wajir International Airport.

The incident left three people with serious wounds.

They are stable in the hospital.

The incidents are under probe.

Another military chopper that was on a mission to distribute food to those affected by floods crashed at Buna, Wajir injuring the crew and relief officials.

The victims are in hospital as investigators work on the scene.

Kenya Defence Forces said the Kenya Air Force multipurpose Helicopter model Mi-171E crashed in Buna, Wajir.

“The helicopter was on relief supply duties in Moyale, Marsabit and Buna in Wajir. The cause of the crash will be established after investigations,” said a statement on the incident on Monday evening.