No CCTV footage of the abduction of missing Sakaja aide

Conversely, Safaricom stated that they are not in the automobile tracking business and that they are unable to follow a previous court ruling.

DCI regional coordinator Peter Njeru before Justice Chacha Mwita at Milimani Law Courts on November 20 2023

Osman Khalif, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja's aide, is still missing, and the investigation into his disappearance is still ongoing, according to Director of Criminal Investigations Mohamed Amin.

Amin appointed Peter Njeru to defend him in court on Monday, following Justice Chacha Mwita's prior directive about Osman's alleged kidnapping.

Njeru, who is currently the DCI regional coordinator in Nairobi, told the court that a woman named Yasmin filed a report regarding Osman's alleged kidnapping.

Yasmin filed an OB entry, stating that her husband had gone missing.

Njeru gave the DCI Parklands office instructions to handle the situation after receiving the report and realising how serious the problem was.

The registration number of the double cabin pickup, KCT 163H, was requested from NTSA.

The DCI was interested in finding out who owned the car.

The NTSA informed the DCI that the car belonged to Wasulu Logistics Limited and was a yellow PSV Toyota coach bus.

“We formed an opinion that either the double pickup was branded with the same number plates as the PSV Toyota coach. Alternatively, Yasmin could have read the number wrongly,” said Njeru.

Using this information, DCI made an effort to find out whether there was any CCTV footage that would have shown Osman and Yamin walking from Sarit Centre to the parking lot in order to meet the suspected kidnappers.

“We made a request to the Sarit centre for the footage. They responded that their CCTV cameras were only covering their premises and that where the alleged abduction took place it is a Nairobi County government parking lot,” said Njeru.

The court was informed that there was no CCTV footage available at the claimed abduction scene.

Yasmin was later asked to provide the abductee's cell phone for data analysis, but she hasn't complied.

Njeru informed Justice Mwita that, given the gravity of the situation, they planned to do a cyber analysis at the claimed abduction site in order to find any more phone numbers that might have been there at that time.

"We appreciate the effort you have made but this is a citizen. And the accusation before us is that it's the police," Posed the Judge.

Njeru asked to have additional time to look into the situation.

They had until July 27 to appear in court and provide proof that they had located Osman.

Additionally, Sarit Centre Mall informed the court that, per the previous order from the court, they had given the CCTV footage to solicitors Eric Theuri and Duncan Okatch.

Sarit informed the judge that their mall was not the location where the purported kidnapping took place. Nonetheless, they were instructed to provide an affidavit outlining the same.

Conversely, Safaricom stated that they are not in the automobile tracking business and that they are unable to follow a previous court ruling.

The judge had ordered Safaricom to submit the car tracking information of the purportedly kidnapped vehicle.