Edday Nderitu thrilled after fulfilling lifelong dream

The mom of 3 has been living in America since she left Kenya in April this year

Edday Nderitu
Image: Instagram

Edday Nderitu the first wife of Mugithi artist Samidoh is a happy camper after achieving her long dream - to have a piece of land registered under her name.

Nderitu who recently through her Facebook page asked his followers about the experience of owning a farm in the country, broke the good news saying that for a long time she had longed to own a farm.

Nderitu said that her journey to owning a farm started some time back but at that time she was not able because she did not have enough money or a reliable special job.

But after one of her friends connected her to a real estate broker, she was able to find a plan to pay little by little and finally now she has been handed a deed to own a farm.

“Sometime in the past, I developed a desire to own something of my own - to be special under my own name. But I didn't have much savings and I didn't have a regular income, so I wasn't sure how to do it. My friend introduced me to a company...I paid within many months until I finished and now I have my title...yes all mine.

The joy of owning something you have dreamed of for years is absolutely thrilling - a dream come true,” Nderitu wrote happily.

While Nderitu is happy to get the farm, her ex Samidoh and Karen Nyamu joined other politicians over the weekend in Murang'a County where they attended a traditional dowry ceremony involving Mathira Member of Parliament Eric Wamumbi and Betty Maina, a female representative of Munrang'a county 

Despite owning a farm in Kenya, Edday is still in the United States but the sign of buying a farm in this country is proof enough that she may dream of returning to Kenya - but not for her marriage but to be independent in her piece of land.