Sex worker in court after stealing TV of client who didn't pay

She claims that after she had given 'things' heroically, JKM refused to pay and the two fell asleep.

Court gavel

A woman who is a streetwalker in Nairobi has found herself in trouble after she was brought to court on the charge of taking the valuables of a man who refused to pay her after giving her 'services'.

According to Taifa Leo, the woman took a television, a mobile watch, and other items from the man which are said to be worth Sh 59,000.

The woman, who has been given the name EWM, 38, was also accused of withdrawing Sh3,880 from the Mpesa account of the man, JKM.

She stole a television, watch and phone in Masimba area, Kayole Nairobi on the night of October 24/25.

The court was told that JKM was enjoying himself with alcohol in the club, when the woman arrived and invited him to sit at the same table so that they could drink together.

The two then left and went to JKM's house but the man wanted them to add more alcohol and then they went to another bar and bought more alcohol, Taifa Leo understood.

When they returned to the house and continued drinking, JKM asked her to quench his thirst for love but the woman said that she should be paid Sh5,000 for that service.

She claims that after she had given 'things' heroically, JKM refused to pay and the two fell asleep.

The woman told the police that JKM gave her his Mpesa password but she found out that he had little money that did not reach the Sh5,000 they had agreed upon.

After waking up at one in the morning, the suspect took the television and other products and left.

She told the police that she sold the television to a dealer who sells electronic equipment. He was arrested after being seen in a bar where they were drinking with JKM.

In front of Chief Magistrate Tito Gesora, she was released on Sh40,000 bail or Sh30,00 in cash while the case is expected to be mentioned on February 9 before it starts hearing on June 24 next year.