J Blessings finally speaks after Avril's allegations on domestic abuse

His statement comes after she already forgave

J Blessing
Image: Instagram

Video proucer Mahmud Hussein aka Jibril Blessing usually known as J Blessing, has now come forward after his baby mother Avril claimed he had physically abused her.

J Blessing, speaking exclusively to Mpasho, admitted that while they did have a public argument, there was no physical altercation.

"Yes, there was a public confrontation between us, but it wasn't as violent as suggested. I oppose all forms of violence, J Blessing declared exclusively to Mpasho.

Earlier today, Avril had posted pictures of her bruised face on social media.

"Hii, Nicome umb*wa" She tagged J Blessing in the caption after that.

Based on the responses, several people seemed to think she was chasing after clout and weren't as encouraging as she had thought.

"Going through the comments, and I am in utter shock,this is why people never report this shit. Post this cause you all make people actually want to kill themselves after all they have been through. Have a laugh enjoy...bye "

Currently, she claims to have forgiven him.

Her claim that the issue is with the appropriate authorities, however, was contradicted by what she said earlier.

"I forgive you J, please find it in your hearts to forgive him too.Everyone is deserving of forgiveness in this life .

My heart is so heavy that I had to tell the world my business....Matters are with the relevant authorities and I am doing okay," She updated her fans.