Commercial street walker found dead in city lodging

Witnesses say suspect left the lodge alone at about 5 am

Crime Scene.

Police are searching for a man who they suspect killed a commercial sex worker in a Nairobi hotel on Kirinyaga Road.

On Saturday night, the woman's body was discovered in a hotel room that she and a male had reserved. Police reported that the man was missing.

The man who is suspected of killing the woman was with her when she made the reservation, according to the building's security personnel.

They stayed there for the night, but at around five in the morning, the man went by himself and informed the receptionists that the woman was asleep and would go later.

When the cleaners went to the room around noon, about seven hours later, they were trying to clean it when they discovered the woman's body.

Her hands and legs were bound with a piece of clothes while she lay there nude.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered that the woman had been strangled with a bed sheet around her neck.

Police stated that they have not yet determined the murder's motivation. The woman's body was sent to the mortuary for an autopsy and additional investigation.

Adamson Bungei, the head of Nairobi police, stated that the murder is being looked into.

He claimed that a team of investigators is already on the scene addressing the situation and that they are chasing the alleged murderer.

Police in the Kabete region said they are also looking into the murder of a guy whose body was discovered on the side of the road with obvious injuries.

When the body was discovered, there were obvious wounds to the back of the skull.

No one has been taken into custody as of yet, according to police, who are looking into the incident's homicide.

Police are looking into the death of a guy whose body was discovered on the side of the road somewhere in the Zimmerman area.

When the body was discovered, it had vomit on its mouth but no other evident wounds.

According to authorities, the cause of death was not immediately determined, and the body was sent to the mortuary while an autopsy was conducted.

Authorities said that the finding of bodies in different locations worries them. While an investigation is ongoing, some of the fatalities are natural, while others were from murder.

At least two bodies are recovered every day in the city alone, according to police reports.