YouTuber MrBeast excites Netizens after building 52 wells in Kenya [Video]

YouTuber Mr. Beast has dug 52 wells, constructed a bridge, and provided computers to schools in Kenya.

YouTuber MrBeast excites Netizens after building 52 wells in Kenya [Video]

Popular American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast has excited a section of Kenyans after building 52 wells across Kenya to enable needy families and school-going kids to have access to clean drinking water.

In his latest Video on YouTube, Beats documented how the whole project went down - moving from one village to the other.

In his video, he mentioned that he built several wells, and a bridge and even donated computers to schools in Kenya.

Beast came to Africa with a vision of building 100 wells in Kenya, Somalia, and Cameroon and he indeed accomplished the mission.

He says that his philanthropic act has connected at least 500, 000 people to clean drinking water. BeastHe says he is utilizing his massive platform to inspire others to help where they can and make change

Who is MrBeast 

Jimmy Donaldson, the person the online world knows as MrBeast, is the biggest YouTuber on the planet - and with that popularity comes large sums of money.

The 25-year-old has branched out from video-making and now has his own fast-food chain, MrBeast Burger. It hit headlines this week when he sued the company behind the chain, claiming fans thought the food was "revolting".

 In November 2022, Forbes estimated he earned $54m (£42.5m) in a year from the platform, combining advertising revenue from videos and sponsorship deals. Since then, he has gained 60 million more subscribers on his main channel, taking his total 172 million.

And he has several other channels with tens of millions of subscribers, including one for philanthropy and one for video games.

It's unclear exactly how much money he actually pockets though. Donaldson has become known for putting the money he makes back into his ultra-expensive videos, some of which take millions to produce. He told a podcast in June that he reinvests "every penny I make".

His biggest video to date has over 500 million views - recreated the Netflix hit Squid Game in real life, including a $456,000 prize fund.

Outside of his videos, Donaldson is known for his philanthropy, as well as many business ventures. He has a licensed charity that functions as a food bank to feed communities across the US, and he has helped raise tens of millions of dollars to help the environment.

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