Trans Nzoia woman arrested over death of 10-year-old son

She beat up the boy and left him to sleep only for her to find him dead the following day

Crime Scene.

A 25-year-old mother is being detained by police in connection with the death of her 10-year-old son, who was beaten.

According to authorities, the death occurred in the Trans Nzoi West Sub-county's Pileland area.

The mom went to the Saboti police station early on Saturday, October 28, 2023, reporting that when she woke up, her kid was dead.

She informed the police that the youngster had gone missing from his house earlier and that she had disciplined him with a cane when he came back.

Following the caning, the mother and her son ate dinner and went to bed.

But the woman claimed that upon waking up, she discovered him unconscious and laying on the floor.

After responding to the crime scene, police took the body to the mortuary of Kitale Referral Hospital, where it was placed for a postmortem examination.

According to the police, this will establish the mother's behaviour and how the child had died.

Meanwhile, Police in Gichagi II village in Ithanga Kakuzi, Murang'a County, are pursuing a 53-year-old woman over claims she beat her son to death following an altercation between the pair on the night of October 21, 2023.

Police say they are investigating murder in the incident.

Authorities and residents claim that the incident took place after the late Naftaly Mumo, who was intoxicated when he arrived home that tragic night.

The man died as a result of their fight.

According to reports, the man was unable to leave the scene of the incident, and the following morning, neighbours discovered him comatose.

After receiving emergency care at Ngeleya Health Centre, he was moved to Murang'a Level V Hospital, where he passed away from his wounds.

After the death, a postmortem examination of the body showed that internal bleeding from blunt force injuries to the head, chest, and back was the cause of death.

In addition, the deceased had a leg fracture.

Patrick Nyaanga, the head of Ithanga Kakuzi Sub County police, stated that they are searching for the woman to question.

He stated that they are curious as to what precipitated the tragically violent altercation.