Tiktoker Shan Wanita's body stolen from the morgue

Tiktoker Shan Wanita dies in road accident

On September 17, 2023, Tiktoker Shan Wanita died in a road accident alongside her friend identified as Kevin, and his daughter.

Content creators have been meeting up in preparation for her burial.

In what seems to be a new twist Wanita's mum now alleges her daughter's body has been 'stolen' from the morgue by her in-laws.

Speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya, the grief-stricken mum shared

"My daughter was supposed to be buried tomorrow. I am here in Umash, I am not leaving here before I am given my daughter's body. 

I called Umash at around 3:30 and the person told me I could not see the body without the papers. I have never seen her body since she died, nor have her siblings.

 I was not given time to mourn and there were some things we were to seek. I was not on good terms with the family since my husband died."

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According to Wanita's BFF, the model might have died at the accident scene

"Kevin woke up and said we go to Mombasa as he was not feeling Okay.

I called my BFF Shan and asked her to accompany us to Mombasa. Along the way, Kevin lost control of the vehicle.

I was thrown out of the car.

I must have lost consciousness because when I woke up Shan was lying there bleeding on the head, and Kevin was also lying there.

My baby had been taken to the hospital by good Samaritans."

She further added

"We were requested to move her to Mp Shah, Nairobi.

The police came and took the three of us to the hospital. As I was receiving treatment I requested to see Kevin and Shan but I was told they had already been taken to the morgue.