X formerly Twitter might start charging users monthly fee

Elon Musk made the revelation during a live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Guys, fasten your seatbelts—a new charge might soon begin to drain from your pockets! Elon Musk, the CEO of X (previously Twitter), has declared that the social media site is ready to begin charging its customers a monthly subscription fee.

So start saving for X as well when considering Netflix, Apple Music, and that health app.

The multi-billionaire with a keen sense of business announced his plans in a live-streamed talk with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating that he was aiming to establish the monthly fee as a tactical approach to prevent the spread of bots on the network.

The Tesla CEO confirmed that his app has 550 million monthly users as of now who generate 100 million to 200 million posts per day while telling the Israeli Prime Minister, “We'll be moving to having a small, monthly payment for use of the X system in order to combat vast armies of bots.”

The cost of the monthly price for consumers or the additional services that would be included in the membership at the lowest tier, however, were not specifically disclosed by Musk.

Since the news, X users have been furious, and several online users have vowed to stop using the social media site as soon as it begins charging its members. Others dismissed it as one of Musk's stunts, recalling how he originally intended to charge verified users for the blue badge but ultimately decided to reinstate it.

We will never be able to fully understand that tech tycoon's thoughts, so for the time being, all we can do is wait and see.

If Musk does this, are you willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for X?