Judy Nyawira learnt new word for intimate female area from her daughter

Abel and Judy's marriage is one that doesn't follow many of the tried and tested rules previous models might have.

Abel Mutua and his family

The wife of Abel Mutua, Judy Nyawira, has disclosed how the couple discussed the touchy subject of physical intimacy with their daughter, Stephanie Mumbua.

Judy and her husband, who have some extremely unconventional ideas, said that they had chosen to gradually teach difficult subjects starting at a young age—roughly 6—to their children.

“We started having adult conversations with Mumbu at a young age as if she was an adult. But even then we have had to know what type of such conversation to have with her at every stage as she grows.

“When she was around six, she became so curious because she could see the pads and pods. At that age, she wouldn’t be able to understand what those resources are for. Nonetheless, I would tell her what they are actually called and that they are used by older girls like her mom and that when she grows up she would be able to use them,” the beautiful and chocolate-skinned lady said.

And Judy claims that they didn't hesitate to describe one's genitalia using the same approach while speaking about those bodily parts.

“Unlike how most of our parents did with us when we were young, nicknaming private parts, for us to Mumbu we actually told her what they are called. If it’s a v@gina that’s what we told her it’s called not ‘susu’ or these other names."

So the couple and their daughter who is now 13 are very comfortable with conversations that most parents would rather avoid.

“The other day I heard her call it ‘couchy.’ Apparently, it’s a name to refer to the vagina, that I learned from her," she enthused.

Abel and Judy's marriage is one that doesn't follow many of the tried and tested rules previous models might have.

An example of that is Abel saying that his wife is free to move on from him were she to feel that that was the best course of action for her.

Earlier this year, the couple made an appearance on the Joyride podcast where the filmmaker said that he had a discussion with his wife and agreed that in case he was the first one to pass on, his wife Judy should feel free to move on with another man whenever she wants.

Abel's sentiment came a year after he first revealed this during an interview with SPM Buzz in February 2022.

"How we have planned ourselves is working for us. I told her, 'Babe, the day it gets to a point and you feel now this is it, do not feel guilty to tell me you have reached the end."

The father of one said they agreed to protect their peace at all costs.

"There's no marriage that's perfect. Once in a while, there will be issues, but when it gets to a point where it starts affecting you healthwise, then no."