Someone offered Sh100k to sleep with me-Anerlisa

The Keroche heiress also spoke about some of the crazy DMs that she receives.

Anerlisa Muigai
Image: Instagram

Yesterday, Anerlisa Muigai hosted flamboyant entertainment venue Oyster Bay's first anniversary and was interviewed by reporters including from

The affluent Keroche heiress talked extensively about relationships but avoided discussing her rumoured romance with the dashing Melvin Ibrahim.

"I don't want to talk about that. I want my relationships to be very private," she noted.

She was more than prepared to explain why she didn't want to say whether she and Melvin were dating or that she was single, despite not discussing the specifics of their relationship openly.

"If I say I am single, I would get DMs, and if I say I am dating, everyone will want to be in my business."

She continued, though, by describing the bizarre direct messages (DMs) that males send her on her well-liked social media page.

"They are so crazy. I receive n@ked pictures and someone once told me they were ready to leave their wife to marry me," she said.

But like the gentle lady she is she said that she doesn't entertain them.

"The crazy DM I received the other day was someone offering KSh 100,000 to sleep with me."

She finished by urging women not to invite men to their houses until things are official.

"Don't give up on love. Take your time moving to the next relationship. Start with friendship first, get to know the person na usilete mtu kwa nyumba. Take time to get to know each other and only invite him once you make everything official," she said.