This Ugandan tycoon is reportedly paying Burna Boy Sh100m for concert

His rate card shows him as one of the highest-paid artists in the world

Burna Boy
Image: Instagram

According to his rate card, Burna Boy is the most expensive African performer. A Ugandan tycoon is believed to be planning to pay the Afrobeats singer Sh100 million to perform soon.

The bio states that the tycoon, who is 39 years old, is a graduate of Makerere University. Mr Hamis Kiggundu, also known as Ham, is a businessman, investor, developer of real estate and other properties, philanthropist, author, and attorney from Uganda.

Kiggundu is the CEO of the Ham Group of Companies and the author of Reality and Reason as the World Masterpiece and Success and Failure Based on Reason.

Prior to AFCON2027, he is actively involved in tracking the Nakivubo stadium's construction.At the official opening in 2024, Burna Boy will play at this stadium.

Hamis Kiggundu
Image: Instagram

The musician will start charging $700,000 for each worldwide performance in 2023, according to Booking Entertainment.

The news has not been warmly received by the populace, who is arguing that local musicians should be given preference.

The affluent businessman also discussed Uganda's goals for the stadium that is being built. It is a very amazing building that is unmatched.

He expressed his joy at the project's completion when he introduced it.

"I personally don't look at this as merely a sports project but rather a legacy and a realistic illustration to my fellow Ugandans that if I can do it so you can .....together we can locally develop Uganda as Ugandans within parameters of reason and reality........for God and my Country."

With his mega-hit City Boys, Burna is currently on the ITOLDYOUTOUR, promoting the album all around the world and shattering all kinds of music records.

Numerous fans are dancing to the song while taking the challenge on TikTok.