Rapudo disappointed as son fails to turn up for his lavish 8th birthday party

An emotional Kennedy Rapudo revealed that he had organized a lavish birthday party for 8-year-old son but all ended in disappointment courtesy of his baby mama

Kennedy Rapudo's son fails to show up for his birthday party

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo has aired his frustrations after his son failed to show up for the celebration of his 8th Birthday party.

In an emotional post, Rapudo shared a deep message about the struggles he has been through with his son who is turning 8 years old.

According to Rapudo he had just won a court battle with his baby mama and was happy to once again reunite with his son but his big day ended with disappointment.

He went on to highlight the struggles he goes through in the fight to be a present dad in his son’s life.

The businessman insinuated that the baby mama might have prevented the son from going to the birthday party.

“Not all absent dads are deadbeats, but just because we are not deadbeats doesn’t mean that our hearts are metallic. I was eagerly looking forward to celebrating my son's 8th birthday today!

“This would be the first long weekend to have him for a sleepover (after a lengthy court battle) and you should have felt the joy in our hearts. Unfortunately, the moment was “once again” robbed from us because he was a no-show,” Rapudos said in part.

He encouraged men going through the same to keep fighting for their kids until the day things will be better.

“To those who walk the often silent path of longing, who choose stability even when it means sacrifice, I see you. Not every missed moment defines our love; our hearts tell the stories our words can’t. Even in our absence, our love remains boundless. Every sacrifice, every tear, every missed celebration only amplifies the depth of our love. Keep fighting, keep believing, and most importantly, keep loving. Our children feel it, even from afar.#UnseenHeroes,"  Rapudo said. 

To his son he said; “To my son: Happy 8th birthday baby boy, I love you to the moon and back,”.

Amber Ray joined the conversation, reminding Rapudo that he should never forget that he is a good father.

“You are a good father …… never forget that!😘❤️❤️,” Amber to Rapudo.

Rapudo is a father of three – two kids from his past relationships and one from his current relationship with Amber Ray.

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