Things that can make your YouTube channel get terminated, suspended

To determine whether the content is violative, YouTube uses a combination of automated systems and human reviews.

Things that can make your YouTube channel get terminated, suspended
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YouTube, an online video-sharing platform regularly monitors videos uploaded on the streaming platform in case of violations.

To determine whether the content is violative, YouTube uses a combination of automated systems and human reviews.

If a video is found violating the community guidelines and policies or has a copyright infringement, the company either takes down the video or terminates the account or channel from where the video was initially uploaded.

Recently, YouTube terminated social commentator Andrew Kibe’s account without an explanation.

The company cited that it can terminate any account they choose without needing to give any reason.

What might result in the termination of accounts or channel

According to YouTube, a user’s channel or account may be terminated if there is a repeated violation of the community guidelines or terms of service across any form of content.

This might include repeatedly posting abusive, hateful and harassing videos or comments.

In addition, a single case of severe abuse such as predatory behavior, spam or pornography is a cause for termination.

Further, the platform notes that dedication to a policy violation like hate speech, harassment or impersonation causes the termination of the account or channel.

If a channel is terminated due to copyright infringement claims and the user thinks the claims are incorrect, YouTube allows them to file a counter notification.

A counter notification is a legal request for YouTube to reinstate content that was removed due to a copyright removal request.

Before submitting the notification, the user must ensure that they own the original content and have all the rights to it.

They should have an evidence if they have used someone else’s copyrighted work.

“If the use of copyright-protected material in a video qualifies as a copyright exception, then the video is considered lawful and non-infringing,” reads the notice.

However, if none of the considerations apply to their content, the user should wait for 90 days for the copyright strike to expire.

“This process is still available for creators with terminated channels, but the counter notification webform will be inaccessible. You may also submit a counter notification via email, fax, or postal mail,” reads the notice.

“Do not submit false information. Misuse of our processes, such as submitting fraudulent documentation, may result in the termination of your account or other legal consequences.”

What happens after termination of an account or channel

When an account or channel is terminated, the user receives an email explaining the reason for the termination.

YouTube states that the user is prohibited from circumventing the termination or allowing others to use the channel to bypass the termination.

“This applies to all of your existing channels, any new channels you create or acquire, and any channels in which you are repeatedly or prominently featured,” reads the notice.

In addition, participants of a YouTube Partner Program are no longer entitled to earn any revenue if their channel is terminated.

“We may also withhold unpaid earnings and refund advertisers or viewers for purchases where appropriate and possible,” read part of the notice.

Further, a user is also no longer allowed to download their YouTube content.

If a user believes that their channel or account was mistakenly terminated, YouTube allows them to issue an appeal.

However, they should not submit an appeal request more than once.

“Multiple requests increase the volume to review and cause delays in our response."

It added that the user should provide their channel ID and more information to process their request easily.