Bibi Ya Tajiri!! Amber Ray spends 158K on shopping

Amber Ray
Image: Instagram



Socialite Amber Ray has left her fans in major envy after spending 158,000 on shopping.

This she revealed after showing her fiance Kennedy Rapudo paying for items she bought in a local supermarket.

Bibi ya tajiri as she calls herself happily proclaimed she loves being the wife of a rich man as he used his bank card to pay for the good.

"Get married to a man with money" she laughs while sharing her life tip.

The pair also showed the goods they had bought, as they lay in five carts.

The proud moment for the mother of two also got the attention of nearby shoppers who looked on in wonder.

"Get you a man who’s young enough to entertain, old enough to lead, strong enough to provide, thug enough to protect & mature enough to step up😉. #Bibiyatajiri #endmonthshopping🛒 …. @99martkenya we really loved your service,Thank you.😇" she repeated.

Amber Ray

The shopping included personal items like hair lotion, rolls on, wet wipes, tissues food, and soft drinks.

The total in the receipt was sh158,418.64. It indicated Rapudo paid with a credit card, which prompted Amber to react saying "weuh" at the till.

Rapudo looked on with pride as Amber scanned the receipt handed over by the cashier while asking him what else was in store for her.

Later that night, Amber got dolled up to host an event at a club along Thika Road. After delivering her second child- a daughter with Rapudo- Amber returned to working hard.

She is a brand ambassador for several brands, and she also hosts events.