Harmonize dares Hamisa Mobetto's boyfriend after announcing friendship with her

Harmonize has come out to say that he has more money than the businessman

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Harmonize recently announced his newfound friendship with Hamisa Mobetto. They are calling each other best friends forever (BFF).

Meanwhile, Hamisa is currently enjoying an amazing time with her Togolese boyfriend Kevin Sowax. 

Harmonize has come out to say that he has more money than the businessman and that fans should not compare the two.

"She's just my friend, not my lover," he said of his relationship with Mobetto 

Adding "The story about Hamisa's boyfriend having more money than I do is a lie. Even though I am not one to talk about other people's life, trust me, I got serious money than the guy."

He goes on to demand that Sowax buy Mobetto a mansion to show that he is really loaded.

"Before buying a woman a car, you need to show us what car you are driving. Tell the guy to buy my friend a house if he really has the money. If he can't then I will show him how serious we are with our best friends."

In a recent interview, Mobetto also claimed that she and Harmonize are just friends.

"He's just a friend, nothing more, nothing less."

Harmonize recently put a photo of Mobetto as his wallpaper after he declared that the two are best friends. He responded to critics.

"Tutaendelea lini (When will we ever move on)? Kwa hivyo hata rafiki sitakiwi kua nae(Am I not supposed to have a friend)?...She's just my friend and that's just it. She's a long-time friend and she's even dating. Mtafanya watu waogopane sasa (You'll now start making people fear each other)."

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