Screenshot: Amber Ray loses Sh82K bet to fiancé Rapudo

Arsenal won the game through penalty shootouts after a one-one draw in 90 minutes.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo
Image: courtesy

During the weekend's Arsenal vs. Manchester City game, Kenyan socialite Faith Makau, aka Amber Ray, lost a bet to her fiancée Kennedy Rapudo.

In a video posted to their social media accounts, Amber was backing Arsenal while Rapudo was supporting Manchester City.

“I want us to have a Bet because I know you are supporting Arsenal and I’m supporting Manchester City. So if Manchester City wins I want you to buy me my skin care products for the whole month which cost around Sh120, 000,” Amber Ray said.

She goes to ask her fiancé what he wants in return if the team (Arsenal) wins.

Rapudo replies; “If we win you are going to do service for my car because I have not done it.

Amber replies; “That one I can’t afford”. Rapudo interjects saying she can foot half the bill then he will sort the rest.

“You can do my half because the whole service is around Sh160, 00 so Sh82, 000 is not bad," He says.

Kennedy Rapudo's post
Image: courtesy

The two love birds go on to strike a deal. After the minutes, Rapudo confirmed that he had received Sh82, 000 from Amber after Arsenal won the game- making them the Community Shield

Arsenal won the game through penalty shootouts after a one-one draw in 90 minutes.

The Community Shield is always a game for the calendar - the official opening of elite action in England’s men’s game.

This time around it’s treble-winners Manchester City and last season’s Premier League runners-up Arsenal who meet at Wembley, fighting for the first prize of the new campaign.

Arsenal won the game.

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