Gomoka na GoMonthly: Spin the wheel and stand a chance to win instant prizes

Under the 'Gomoka na GoMonthly' promotion, Go monthly customers have an exciting opportunity to win prizes worth Sh30 million.

In these challenging times, when hardship seems to prevail, everyone deserves a chance to experience a moment of joy and triumph. Safaricom, the leading telecommunications company in Kenya, understands this and is committed to bringing a ray of sunshine to its customers' lives with a new promotion dubbed 'Gomoka na GoMonthly.'

Under the 'Gomoka na GoMonthly' promotion, Go monthly customers have an exciting opportunity to win prizes worth Sh30 million.

These amazing prizes include MPESA credits, data packages, and a grand draw of 1 million Kenyan shillings every month! Participating is as easy as purchasing your bundle and spinning the wheel to claim your instant prize. This three-month promotion will run from June 19 to September 18, 2023.

Safaricom recognizes that managing your airtime, SMS, and internet bundles can be a hassle. To address this, they have made it easier than ever before. The Go Monthly bundles have been refreshed to offer better value and increased control over your communication needs.

Whether you require minutes+SMS plans, data plans, or All-In-One bundles, you can find a subscription that suits your requirements. Simply dial *544# or use the MySafaricom app to select the plan that best fits you.

Here's what the Go Monthly All in One Bundles have to offer:

The all in one bundle that comes with free whatsapp ensures you stay connected throughout the month. Enjoy a worry-free calling and messaging experience by purchasing a bundle that best fits you.

For only 500/=, you receive 100 minutes, 500 free SMS, and 2GB of data. For 1000 bob, you'll get 400 minutes, 8GB of data, and 1000 SMS. With 2000 bob, you'll receive 1,000 minutes, 17GB of data, and 2,000 SMS.

If you opt for Sh3,000, you'll enjoy 1,500 minutes, 27GB of data, and 3,000 SMS. By selecting the Sh5,000 bundle, you'll receive 47GB of data, 2500 minutes, and 5,000 SMS. Finally, with the Sh10,000 bundle, you'll enjoy a whopping 100GB of data, 7,500 minutes, and 10,000 SMS.

The Monthly Data plans range from Sh250 for 1.2GB of data to Sh3,000 for 40GB of data, all of which come with free WhatsApp.

For those seeking minute-only plans, they range from Sh500 for 300 minutes and 500 SMS to Sh3,000 for 2,700 minutes and 5,000 SMS.

Remember, in this promotion, everyone is a winner! Don't miss out on the opportunity to 'Gomoka na GoMonthly' and enjoy the incredible benefits that Safaricom has in store for you!