Ur obsessed with FAME! Actress Minne calls out Susan Kaitanny

The two women are in the Real Housewives of Nairobi

Minne Kariuki.
Image: Instagram/Minne Kariuki.

Actress Minne has reignited her beef with Posh Palace CEO Susan Kaitanny. Their fallout has been brewing on the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show currently showing on Showmax.

Minne claims Kaittany has continuously disrespected her on the show because of their age gap.

Susan, on at least 2 episodes of the show, has outrightly called out the actress for being too dramatic and tardy; showing up late for events hosted by different casts on the show.

Nonetheless, Ms. Kaittany also feels Minne is out to make the show revolve around her by picking fights at any slight opportunity.

The 'Single Kiasi' actress has disapproved of the claims, saying Ms. Kaittany only wishes to be her, alleging that the beauty entrepreneur lives a fake life in her 2-bedroom apartment in Dennis Pritt.

"Ur obsessed with FAME. Ur obsessed with this show that's y you wanted to be the center of it all. U rented a whole chopper for episode 1 and no one was talking about it....everyone was talking about Minne the hustler," Minne said.

Susan Kaitanny
Image: Instagram

Minne is also beefing with Michelle Ntalami.

In a past interview with Mpasho.co.ke, Michelle said she is in the show courtesy of Susan Kaitanny, who is a great friend.

"For me, if paid or not, I would still have been there for my friend," she said.

Asked to explain her beef with Minne, Michelle said she never pretends to like someone with bad vibes.

"I won't act like we are besties, so people should expect authenticity. When I am hurt, I am, when I am happy, I am," she said.

She said she no longer tries to keep a fake image on social media.

"I have a good amount of coins in my bank, and that is who I am," she said.

She said her beef with Minne is basically about who is wealthier than the other and not about men as Vera Sidika implied in the show.