Mejja explains why men suffer at the hands of 'cruel' beautiful women

The singer was relating the experiences he has gone through

Image: Instagram/Mejja.

Long-time musician, Mejja Okwonkwo has revealed the reasons why men suffer so much at the hands of their lovers without wanting to leave the relationship.

In a recent podcast he did, Mejja narrated how he went through many challenges and was tortured at the hands of a young woman who was his lover.

Mejja said that many men are tortured at the hands of cruel women because they refused to do activities that they used to do when they were single, when they get married, the men stop doing those activities and rely on women.

"Those cruel women always catch a man in these little activities that a man can do alone, when the beautiful one comes to you, he takes them all and does them, a period will happen when you break up and leave, you start to suffer because you are not used to doing them, you have to go and caress her again..." the artist said.

The artist also said that many men suffer at the hands of cruel women, because they are obsessed with the woman's beautiful appearance, so much so that even if she tortures you, you will still want to return to her to comfort yourself by looking at her beautiful appearance.

"Cruel beauties are often too late in cooking and everything. That is what makes men not go anywhere even if they are persecuted. You are only told by your friends that this beautiful person is torturing you, you agree yes and you also see the torture but you can't leave because you just look at him as he is and you return to him again..." Mejja said.

Mejja advised men that if you want to be in a woman's life, never stop doing things for yourself that you used to do when you were alone.

"Don't give each other the tasks you used to do alone. These small tasks that you leave to someone tend to confuse you and make you unable to imagine when he leaves, because you will miss him.

If you were cooking for yourself when a beautiful person comes, you continue to cook for yourself, because the day he leaves, those small tasks you left behind start hurting you to perform," he advised.