Amber Ray reveals how she met her bae Rapudo

Truth be told, most women are dying to have a quarter of Amber Ray's life.

Amber Ray and her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray and her bae Ken Rapudo have been serving couple goals.

Truth be told, most women are dying to have a quarter of Amber Ray's life.

A girl is being pampered by her soon-to-be baby daddy and we love him for that. He is living the mantra 'Tumia pesa ikuzoee.'

Through her, YouTube channel Amber Ray says when she met Rapudo she never thought they could date.

She was afraid that bringing sex into the picture would ruin their relationship.

"I never saw us having anything.

You are cute. I wanted to keep you as a friend and I knew us sleeping together would ruin that."

Amber cutely added that at the time Rapudo looked like a player.

"You looked like a player but you are very calm."

So how did the two meet?

"We met at an event through a friend.

We became friends with no strings attached before we started dating."

The party had been on Thika road.

According to Amber, her man has pride and a huge ego and even wondered how they have managed to get their relationship that far.

"You are a lover with lots of egos. You have an ego for days na maringo. By the way, this far, it's by God's grace," she said.

Rapudo on the other hand accused Amber of being a spender, adding that she buys unnecessary stuff.

"You're always going shopping. You're always buying unnecessary things. You have so many clothes and shoes," said Rapudo.

Amber Ray says she is proud of how her bae has handled fame.

According to the soon-to-be mother of two, fame can steal someone's joy and privacy.