DP's official residence was in a dilapidated state-Gachagua claims

"The rooftop was leaking, the borehole pump was broken down."

Rigathi Gachagua
Image: The-Star

Rigathi Gachagua,  the deputy President has painted a grim picture of the 'dilapidated state' of the DP's official Karen residence.

Speaking on Friday, Gachagua revealed that he had not moved into the home because it was in a poor state.

"The official residence of the Deputy President was in a bad shape when I became Deputy President. The rooftop was leaking, the borehole pump was broken down, and the house was totally in a bad shape," he said. 

Due to the state, Gachagua said President William Ruto who was the then Deputy President was forced to shelter in one corner of the residence.

According to Gachagua, the Office of the Deputy President lacked the funds and finances to facilitate maintenance and repairs. 

He alleged that Ruto financed his office for four years in the last term as Deputy President and had to personally cater for electricity bills, fuel and accommodation for his staff whenever he was in transit. 

Gachagua was speaking during an interview with Mt Kenya vernacular radio stations

Last September, the DP mentioned that leaving his home had proven difficult due to his attachment to the house and the memories it holds.

"I have such an emotional attachment to this home, my children grew up here, and my parents lived with me here for many years," Gachagua told KTN News 

"It is very nostalgic for me to walk away from a home where I have lived for 24 years," Gachagua added.