Sudanese singer Emmanuel Jal invests into Kenyan market

The event was attended by rapper Juliani, Enos Olik, Kevo Abbra, Brian Babu, Olivia Ambani among others

South Sudanese-Canadian international recording artist and entrepreneur, Emmanuel Jal has launched a new café in Kenya.

Jal Gua, meaning ‘walk in peace’ or ‘walk in power in the Naath language is a health food store in the heart of Kenyatta Market

The superstar gave a surprise performance attended by top media and friends from all over the world. Key personalities include Juliani, Enos Olik, Kevo Abbra, Brian Babu, and Olivia Ambani. 

At the event, Jal stated, 

“I created Jal Gua in 2012 after being hospitalized twice and diagnosed with high blood pressure with doctors fearing diabetes was not far off. This made me look for a solution and made me realize that few people from my village suffered from diabetes. I then invested in eating healthy food, returning to eating traditional African foods and ingredients, and eventually got better and on the right track healthwise.”

Aside from being an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and global peace ambassador, Emmanuel Jal is an established international World Music/Hip-Hop recording artist.  

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