How I met Nandy - Singee Yammi opens up

At first, Yammi thought it was a scam as she had not met up with Nandy yet

Nandy and her signee Yammi

Tanzanian singer Nandy signed a new artistes after launching her record label a few days ago.

Yammi, the new signee described how TikTok helped get discovered by the star.

In an interview on Clouds FM, Yammi said the singer's manager took a leap of faith and shot his shot via the Platform.

At first, Yammi thought it was a scam as she had not met up with Nandy yet.

“Mimi na Nandy tulikutana Tiktok nilikuwa nafanya cover na nilikuwa naimba nyimbo zangu na meneja wake alinicheki ambaye ni Remmy na alivyonicheki niliona kama tapeli sababu nilishadanganywa sana."

"Kuna kipindi watu walikuwa wakinipigia na kuniambia Hamisa Mobeto anakuita na naongea naye kumbe fake hivyo ilinichukua kama mwezi na kukutana na meneja wake Mlimani City na tukaongea naye japo sikuamini kama ni yeye kwa asilimia zote.Nilienda nyumbani kwa Nandy baadae na kumpelekea demo zangu kisha ndiyo hapo tukaanza kupambana kutengeneza Ep” 

(Nandy and I met on Tiktok, I was doing a cover and I was singing my songs and his manager laughed at me who is Remmy and when he laughed at me I saw him as a fraud because I had been deceived a lot. There was a period when people were calling me and telling me Hamisa Mobeto was calling you and I was talking to him but it was fake so it took me like a month and I met his manager Mlimani City and we talked to him, although I didn't believe it was him at all. I went to Nandy's house and sent him my demos, and that's when we started fighting to make an EP)

The African Princess label is its first of its kind in Tanzania as it will only feature female artistes.

Previously, Nandy had been invited to join Diamond Platnumz's label, WCB, which she declined.

"The only time something almost like that happened... there is this one time that this record label, Wasafi Records was to sign me but then I was doing a show, Tecno on The Stage and when I can back I found myself signed to a different record label THT so I couldn't sign with them," she explained

Adding "At first, I was supposed to be signed to Wasafi Records but then I found myself on THT.

After that, a lot of record labels did approach me but I never signed with either of them because there is a specific level as an artist I wanted to get to...."

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