6 reasons you should enrol your child at Merishaw School

What do you look for when hunting for the right school for your child? Is it a rigorous curriculum, vibrant parent-teacher association, the school’s learning style, previous performance or extracurricular activities?

We all know your choice of school can make all the difference in your child’s life, whether it is through a successful academic career or bringing up a well-rounded child. You need to choose a school that is a good fit for your child’s learning style and one that provides the best environment for them.

High school selections just ended. Just because your child didn’t get into their first school of choice, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

You can give your boy the right start in life at the Merishaw School. The private school is located approximately 6km from Isinya town towards Kajiado. On your left, you will see a Merishaw Signboard. The school is just 800m from the main road served by an all-weather murram road.

Merishaw School is a state-of-the-art residential boys’ High School which offers 8-4-4 and CBC curriculum for junior and senior secondary school. The beautiful campus has outstanding facilities which ensures a home away from home for the boy child while its microclimate provides the serene environment needed to fully enjoy school life.  All this is in addition to focus on sports the great and nurturing of talents, to produce a balanced and well-rounded man.

Why enrol your child at Merishaw School

  1. Merishaw School receives boys and transform them to men who have conquered both academically and socially. Their life skills program includes mentorship, leadership development, entrepreneurship, creative and performing arts, music and culinary skills.
  2. The school has a music school and auditorium as well as various sporting facilities. All sporting facilities are built to international standards. The boys get access to international coaches and benefit from international exposure while they display their athletic talents.
  3. The Merishaw School is in talks with international universities and colleges to make sure the Merishaw boys exploit their opportunities. When you enroll your child at the Merishaw School Isinya he will get the chance to visit these global universities and make a plan for his life after high school. If your child has a talent in sports, music and other arts these partnerships work in his favour. He’ll be able to compete on an international stage.
  4. The students live in apartments. An apartment houses 8 boys who share 1 toilet and 2 bathrooms.
  5. The teachers’ residences are located nearby to foster family living and to mentor the boys.
  6. The boys’ mental health is also important. They have access to counseling services, clubs and societies, a fully equipped sanatorium and get to enjoy balanced meals prescribed by a qualified nutritionist.

To enrol your child in the Merishaw School, call 0721 303 303 or visit the website 

The Merishaw School, home of the boychild.