Mbosso announces return of his US tour after health complications

His cancelled tour was supposed to have gone down between the end of November to mid-December saying doctors had advised that he stays home

Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has re-scheduled his USA tour that was cancelled last year over health issues.

The 'Hodari' hitmaker now says he will be starting off his tour in Phoenix Arizona on February 10th. 


Feb 10th Phoenix Arizona Feb 11th Washington Seattle Feb 17th Denver Colorado Feb 18th Kentucky February 25th Houston Texas"

The 2022 tour was supposed to have gone down between the end of November to mid-December.

At the time, the singer said his doctor had advised that he stays home due to an unannounced illness.

"Hello my USA fans, due to medical reasons, the doctor recommended that I should not travel or sit in a plane for more than eight hours," he wrote at the time.

"This has come at a time when I am supposed to start my USA tour from Thanksgiving weekend."

"I apologize to all my fans, promoters, and anybody who was waiting to see me at this time."

"New tour dates will be announced as soon as I get clearance from my doctor I guarantee you that the tour will happen."

In a past interview Mbosso said since his childhood, he has had an illness that kept his hands very shaky, and couldn't hold things firmly.

The 'Huyu Hapa' singer told Tanzanian media pundits that when he first got into the music industry, people thought he was under the influence of drugs.

“Kipindi naingia Mkubwa Na Wanae Viongozi wangu walidhani kuna vitu natumia Kutokana na kutetemeka kwangu . Nilijaribu kwenda kwa wataalamu Lakini Wakaniambia kuwa huu ni Ugonjwa wangu wa Kuzaliwa hivyo siwezi kupona” Mbosso opened up.

(When I was signed by Mkubwa Na Wanawe, my management thought I was using illegal stuff since I kept trembling. I went to doctors who told me that the sickness will probably not end).

In another interview with Wasafi Media Mbosso said the condition was caused by a blockage in his arteries.

"I have been told my problems are due to my blood vessels being blocked by fat. I have had this condition since I was born,Mbosso said.

"I have been pressured to keep on exercising. There are also professionals I have contacted. I have to travel to meet them," he said.

The singer also opened up about doctors telling him that he would be infertile when he reaches 30 years.

"The doctor told me my condition was probably going to get worse after the age of 30. He said it might lead me to never have children again without treatment."