Why are women attracted to married men or baby daddies

Ladies, what is so attractive with men with baby mamas? Yet there are so many single men with no kids?

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Classic105 presenter Mike Mondo has received different reactions from listeners on why women love married men or baby daddied

"Ladies, what is so attractive with men with baby mamas? Yet there are so many single men with no kids?" He asked.

A caller said "Mwenye akona pesa ni baby daddy, huyu mwengine ni baba mtoto. So go for a baby daddy si mtu mnakimbizana na yeye juu ya school fees ya 5k."

Another caller insinuated that women love money "Suppose someone comes and gives you money without working, isn't it okay? Ladies are looking for people with big money. Its all about the money. Its the driving force. "

Mondo went on to talk about celebrities who have different baby mamas among them Nick Canon, Alikiba, Diamond Platnumz, actor Robert Agengo.

Check out social media users' reactions:

James Kung'u: Mike also we guy's who are married we are being followed cz we know how to take care of ladies. Unlike the single guys wale wa hit & run. @MikeMondo1 #MainaAndKingangi

Rashel Chepkoeach: Mike goodmorning we don't go for someone who we haven't seen him with anything kama auna gari usikose hata mtoto

Rose Wangui Rastal: Married mens and baby daddies are only and very attractive to desperate ladies........

Owenga Bakari: Why ladies run for men with children @Classic105Kenya @MikeMondo1 #MainaAndKingangi 1.Proof of fertility 2.Financially independent 3.Maturity

Youth President: @Classic105Kenya we have a big problem here in kenya , Early days you could marry a wife without any money you start hustling together but nowadays no money No wife the need a man with money ili wasichoke , in years to come 70% of ladies watakuwa Single juu ya hii ujinga

Kijana Ya Kiambu: A woman who knows what she wants in her life hawezi kimbilia those baby Daadzies. U can't find A Career woman and stable woman with such babies daadzy man. Koz career women are not that cheap. They want marriage not relationships

Ann Njenga: As long as he can take care of the kid it's okay,kuliko kurukwa ki petero ki yesu #Mainaandkingangi