23 years together- Read Julie Gichuru's letter to hubby

Julie Gichuru described her husband as a rock and her shelter in the storm

Julie Gichuru and her husband
Julie Gichuru and her husband

 Julie Gichuru is celebrating her husband Anthony Gichuru on their 23rd year together. Of the 23 years, the couple has been married for 19 years. 

 She showered him with praise describing how in love she still is with him after all these years.

"Anniversary my love ❤️19 years of marriage, 23 years together ❤️❤️Feels like yesterday my precious simba! I thank the Lord for loving me so much that he brought us together!I love you completely, absolutely, irrevocably - now and forevermore," she wrote on Instagram.

She went on to describe him as rock and her shelter in the storm.

"Your faith is a North Star - a guide, a light, our strength; Your hard work and incredible discipline are an inspiration; And your kindness and goodness are the doorway to the grace of God in our lives ❤️❤️❤️🤗🙏Thank you Lord, God Almighty. Thank you Anthony, for loving me ❤️❤️❤️Happy Anniversary my darling, my precious, my simba, my K

The couple met in 1999 even though their families had knowned each other before then.  The couple had two kids before they got married as Julie was hesitant about getting into a marriage as she had witnessed a divorce in her family before.

Her husband convinced her and they tied the knot in November 2003.

In the past, Julie admitted how she was wary about marrying a former Jamhuri High School alumni (which Anthony is).

“So, when I was in high school, many, many, many years ago 😄 we would panic when Jamu boys came through our all-girls convent school, Msongari...Jamu boys coming through Msongari meant that there had been a rugby match. Often these matches with Jamu (in particular) left our brothers and friends battered and bruised. We were concerned."


"They walked through our school with high energy making their presence known – they were loud and unapologetic.“Gosh!” us girls would say to each other. “These Jamu boys are just too much! Tsk! Tsk!”..Lol! Then I went and married one 😄😄😄🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤ ”