All you need to know about Evangelist Ezekiel Odero who filled Kararani to the brim

He began his journey in Kisumu as a fisherman before relocating to Mombasa as a mason (mtu wa mjengo).

Evangelist Ezekiel Odero at KASARANI

Over the weekend, all roads led to Karasani Stadium for one-of-a-kind crusades that brought together over 50 thousand Kenyans from different parts of the Country.

The huge crowd gathered at the venue for a rival sermon organized by Evangelist Ezekiel Odero – founder of New Life Church.

The man of God has joined the list of pastors who usually attracted huge crowds whenever they have a public gathering.

The Sunday sermon at Kasarani attracted people from different parts of the Country. Some showed up to listen to the pastor while others came for healing.  

Among those who attended the Sunday Service at Kasarani was Pastor Dorcas Rigathi – wife to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Dorcas noted that Kenyans turned up in large numbers to listen to the Man of God Evangelist Ezekiel.

However, the large crowd witnessed at Kasarani left a section of Kenyans questioning how the Evangelist managed to fill such a big stadium.

Karasani and Pastor Ezekiel became trending topics on Twitter, with KOT trying to weigh in.

Others called for insights on how Evangelist Ezekiel managed to pull such a huge crowd but those who know him lauded him for preaching the gospel to the masses.

Another lot started comparing Pastor Ezekiel to Prophet Owuor who has a history of attracting huge crowds for his sermons.

Netizens are debating if the crowd at Kasarani was genuine or not. Many are yet to be convinced how the Man of God pulled a crowd of over 50K people.

As the discussion continues, here are a few facts about Evangelist Ezekiel Odero.

He is the founder of the New Life Church Prayer Center.

His church is located in Shanzu, Mombasa.

He has another branch in Mavueni, his wife’s home.

Pastor Ezekiel is married to Pastor Sarah for over 13 years.

He has been in the ministry for over 15 years.

He was born in Homabay County. 

He began his journey in Kisumu as a fisherman before relocating to Mombasa as a mason (mtu wa mjengo).

Ezekiel is known for hosting thousands of national and international visitors at his church.

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