Check out the last moments of Monicah Kimani alive before Jacque Maribe’s Fiance is suspected to have slit her throat

According to People Daily, police have since established that Jacque Maribe’s fiance Joe ‘Jowi’ Irungu was in the house with Monica Kimani as well as two other men on the day she was killed.

The two, a Lebanese national and Monicah’s neighbor who visited her for a short chat.

After which Monicah was visited by the Lebanese man then she was dropped for her car’s number plate by a man named Owen.

Here’s what led to the arrest of Jacque Maribe’s fiancé in connection to the murder of Monicah Kimani

Police have since established that Monicah had requested for the number plate for a car she had imported from South Sudan, where she run a family business.

Soon after, Jowi walked into her apartment complex block, he was dressed in a kanzu and a cap. He met the Lebanese national and Owen,a police officer privy to the investigations told People Daily that

“The Lebanese was the first one to leave followed by Owen. Jowi remained in the house until late in the night before he drove out past 2am,”

Police are now looking for the killer weapon— a knife—cellotape used to tie her, Monica’s car and house keys.

monicah Kimani

Guards told police that Jowi presented a fake identity card bearing the name of Dominic when he drove in and out. Police are reportedly trying to establish his motive of using fake documents.

However Jowi’s phone was traced to Monicah’s house on the fateful night.

According to Monicah’s brother George Thiru, she was scheduled to meet them on that fateful morning after landing from Southern Sudan where she was taking care of their family business ‘Millipaul General Trading’ named after their parents, but their numerous calls went unanswered raising eyebrows.

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Her mother after noticing Monica is not picking calls, requested George to go to her apartment and check her whereabouts.

In the company of another relative, he approached two soldiers and the caretaker to the apartment upon arrival, who allowed him inside the premise.

Upon knocking the door severally with no response, they requested permission from landlord to be allowed to break in and permission was granted.

Her body was later discovered in a bath tub hands and legs tied with a white cable with her phone laying right beside her.

According to George who witnessed her body, her throat had been slit and beneath her was a knife that they suspect was used by the murderer.

He also witnessed that Monica’s body did not have garments on the lower part apart of her torso and her pantie was torn on one side.

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Monicah had moved back to the country less than 3 months ago, her brother suspecting that she could have reconnected with Jowi recently through social media.  Adding that indeed, they two have hangout severally, Jowi was not Monicah’s “type”.

Monicah’s dad, Paul Ngarama described her as a “hardworking and successful lady who had recently bought a car for her mum and who would work extra hard to take care of her family.”

She had made particular choices towards the event in terms of theme, decorations and venue.

Her mother identified as Millicent said her daughter had a boyfriend identified as ‘Mohammed’ who is also expected in the country for the burial.

A requiem mass will be held on Thursday at Mount Kenya University ground in Thika ahead of her burial in Gilgil on Friday. This is less than a fortnight shy of when she was to celebrate her grand 29th birthday party.

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