Find out the last customer Bob Collymore served before his death

Bob Collymore passed in the early hours of Monday morning, with many Kenyans mourning his demise.

Not since Kijana Wamalwa’s death had Kenyan’s collectively cried about the passing of someone so well-known and admired.

Stories are emerging about the impact the man had and the lives he touched while alive. One of those is about how the CEO of the biggest company in Kenya was still helping customers, even in his last days.


Collymore took pride in connecting with his customers and being responsive to their needs, taking feedback to improve on the services.

On Saturday, one Twitter user, Duncan Ng’enda, sought Bob’s help after having difficulty using the Safaricom network after making a switch from another network.

He got a response from Bob that was immediate with Mr. Collymore writing;

Sorry about this, it should not be your experience. Please give us a chance to fix it, you will not regret it. Can you DM your details to @Safaricom_Care.


Bob-Collymore smiling

That was not all he did that day, the CEO was still trying to make a change on a global level, signing a petition to demand the criminalisation of rape in Senegal, stating;

Together, we can put an end to gender-based violence.

The petition was floated online following the rape and murder of two women in Senegal, by artist and campaigner Black Queen.

Bob’s impact and legacy will be felt for many years to come with the changes he instituted on the company that he loved; that being the monolith Safaricom.

The late Bob Collymore
The late Bob Collymore

As Sun Tzu once said;

A leader leads by example and not by force.

A trait that Bob did remarkably well.

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