Lasizwe with Zari's 'lover'

Socialite Lasizwe sparks rumors over comments about Zari’s mystery man


Cedric Fourie, the alleged man in Zari’s life has become the talk of the town this past month after the socialite posted a video getting cozy with the handsome man.

Zari with Cedric Anthony Fourie
Zari with Cedric Anthony Fourie

This sparked curiosity about him, resulting in eager fans looking into Cedric’s life with a fine-tooth comb.

One thing fans have unearthed is that Cedric has a very close friend called Lasizwe who is a very popular LGBT socialite in South Africa.

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That has set the internet aflame with claims that Cedric and Lasizwe were more than friends. Lasizwe doesn’t seem to mind the scrutiny and has in fact put up an Instagram post that fuels the rumours with his caption cheekily reading,

#BTS Can you guess what our love language is? 🙈 are you ready for the competition? WE UP TO SOMETHING❤️

Cedric Anthony Fourie eating candy with Lasizwe
Cedric Anthony Fourie eating candy with Lasizwe

The message which can be interpreted as a double entendre’ still leaves a lot to the imagination. The pair have been plagued by dating rumours since 2018, with many believing the whole thing is a PR stunt to keep people talking.

Lasizwe certainly seems to enjoy playing the guessing game. When asked in the past about their alleged romance, the social media star played dumb.

“We are something,” he teased in a clip from his reality show.

Lasizwe in a dress
Lasizwe in a dress

Cedric has also avoided giving a “yes” or “no” answer, allegedly on the orders of Lasizwe.  “He has advised me to not answer this question just as yet,” Cedric told Drum magazine in November 2018.

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