Larry Madowo Talks Losing Parents At A Young Age And Why He Decided To Focus On Covering Politics

Larry Madowo is among the most celebrated news anchors in the country. His debut in the industry gave him a chance to showcase what he’s really good at and over the years, he’s proven that he is one to look out for as he believes in doing all you can to stand out in your work.


Just like everyone, Larry has also had his fair share of struggles. During an interview with CNN African Voices, Larry revealed that life was tough after he lost his parents when he was just 14-years-old. But with everything that he went through, the experience has made him appreciate the small things in life

“When you grow up with almost no privilege at all, you learn to appreciate the small things. There are small miracles happening every day and we’re living through this in Africa,” he narrated.


Larry recently left the much celebrated show, The Trend, which celebrated artistes, artists, women and men making major moves and over the years it became the most watched show in the country.

As time went by, Madowo explains that, “More and more people started watching and it became the most imitated show on TV and the most commercially successful. It brought Kenyan arts and culture into the mainstream, onto prime time, which had not been done before.”


So why exactly did he decide to leave the entertainment show to cover politics? “I want to be involved in the development of my country and my continent, and part of that is political journalism, being able to cover the difficult stories and ask the hard questions.”

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