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Larry Madowo named among leaders under 40 to shape 2020


Larry Madowo has alot in common with the winner of the FIFA womens world cup and the Prime Minister of Finland.

The World Economic Forum, WEF, has selected Larry Madowo, for membership of the forum of Young Global Leaders 2020, due to his key role, as an accomplished and pioneering media personality bringing his local and internal efforts in the industry.

Madowo will join others named in the list in a meeting soon to shape 2020.

Here is what was written about Madowo being among the 115 Youth Gobal Leaders that make up the class of 2020:

The BBC Africa Business Editor launched of six new business TV shows for African audiences in English, French and Swahili. Madowo is also an on-air correspondent on BBC radio and television and has reported from more than 40 countries.

new 2020 class of Young Global Leaders

The Twitter account of Young global Leaders wrote that

This extraordinary group is joining us for a remarkable five-year journey in which they will have a greater impact on their organizations and the world.

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