Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends

Kenyans nisaidie! Larry Madowo asks for help explaining what Mukimo is

Larry Madowo has been living in America the past few months during his sabbatical, where he is studying at Columbia University as a Knight Bagehot’s fellow

While not doing serious stuff like studying, the man has been regaling Kenyans with fascinating insights into life in the Big Apple.

Larry Madowo in Columbia University
Larry Madowo at Columbia University

Recently Larry posted an image of a Kenyan delicacy that is normally served at Kikuyu weddings and Nyama Choma restaurants.

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The food you ask? Mukimo. The wonderful meal is made of boiled potatoes, baby maize, peas and pumpkin leaves mashed together.

Larry Madowo in New York
Larry Madowo in New York

Larry in the exchange of different cultures had difficulty expressing the dish to his foreign freinds and as such asked for help from his 1.8 million Twitter followers.

“Trying to explain to some foreign friends what Mukimo is. Please help,” Larry wrote, following it up with a photo of the meal on a plate.

There were some clever and hilarious reactions to his tweet as guys come up with several different answers to help out with others naming the ingredients. Here are some of the responses to Larry’s tweet:

KJ Muriu Tasty mashed Irish potatoes with chlorophyll matter that will leave your taste buds dancing in ecstasy. Sometimes you can also add monocotyledons and dicotyledons to the mixture if you trust your buccal cavity residents.

eric luiz It’s a rare type of confused food without thufu in central Kenya.

muhande muruli Food cooked by husband punishers!

Gitau Mary There are other greens apart from the pumpkin leaves, pumpkin leaves are actually a last resort.

#AugustCab That mukimo looks like it goes to braeburn

Mer Tolah Starters, main dish and dessert all mashed together to save time Rolling on the floor laughing

Paulo Babu Njeule A pounded mixture of virtually all carbohydrates and plant proteins.

Mbarak swaleh Hii ni mukimo ya group of schools…hadi iko na stairs

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