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The reason Larry Madowo has been forced to leave New York City

Larry Madowo has been forced to move away from New York City. In a post seen by Classic105, Mr Madowo stated that the rate of coronavirus infection in the American city is 5 times faster compared to other states.

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He went on to say that with this rate, it only made sense that he left for a different place, but didn’t mention where. “New York’s coronavirus infection rate is 5 times higher than the rest of the country. It didn’t make sense to stay so I left,” he wrote.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

Larry who is a Knight-Bagehot fellow at the University of Columbia in York made the remarks after it was announced that all 50 states in the US had reported cases of Coronavirus.

Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends
Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends

The US has so far reported 41000 COVID-19 infections with at least 541 deaths from the same.

A section of Madowo’s followers advised him to stay safe while others warned him that coming to Kenya would be a bad idea. Some of their comments are below:

willisraburu Stay safe bro

kelvinbulimo U r sick unafikiri uko jam vile ulikuwa mtatuenjoy hapo ntv shut up

yeridennimmus Please dont come back to Kenya. We are affraid you might have contacted the virus. Please just stay where you are.

pawino You left and putting folks at risk, you are supposed to stay out and limit your movement.

_ceph How a Kenyan would put it…. ‘hao wazungu ni washamba,,, wanavaa jacket kwenye huo jua…. ‘

olekaburu Hopefully you won’t be coming to Nairobi directly for you will have to self quarantine at a government designated place and at your own cost.

bernnie_thepoet Umerealize hii Corona haitaki makasiriko nani

elimwanza Mbona hii inakaa ile Royal mint kwa Money heist series

alycenene The more you move about the higher the risk. Stay put!🙏🏻

trendzworldke Just come home man for once kisumu and America are not one

kens.shee Yeah,,change is as good as rest,keep safe we love you

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