Larry Madowo vacationing

I built a home and learnt 72 languages in 2 months – Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo has been on a purple patch since his resignation from Nation Media early last year. The journalist moved from the Aga Khan-owned media station to the BBC where he was the Business editor.

That promotion wouldn’t be the last good thing that happened in his life; earlier in the year, Larry was one of the few student journalists that were chosen for a top course at the Colombia University – Graduate School of Journalism.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with his former colleagues

He is undertaking the Knight-Bagehot fellowship program in economics and business journalism. The course was created in response to public interest in the financial news market that will be filled with trained editors and reporters like Larry, who will cover news in business and economics.

Larry Madowo’s photos of his last moments at BBC will move you to tears

As if that isn’t good news upon good news, yesterday the man announced that he had been nominated for a prestigious global award.

The man's announcement
Larry Madowo’s screenshot

The former NTV news anchor, who has been away from social media for about two months, said he realised he had been nominated for the award upon his return to social media.

Back from a two-month social media break to learn that a BBC radio documentary I presented was nominated for an award! I loved working on it & I’m so glad people around the world enjoyed it. I planned to take 30 days off social media but I enjoyed it so much that I doubled it. I learnt 72 new languages & built a house with my bare hands.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

Larry disclosed this as he returned to Instagram and Twitter.

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