Larry Madowo smiling

Kenyans warn journalist Larry Madowo after he attacks employer BBC

Larry Madowo is one of the few journalists in Kenya who speaks his mind regardless of the potential blowback that he might get.

He showed this independent spirit during the infamous stand-off witnessed over Nation TV’s decision to air the “inauguration” of Raila Odinga.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

And it is a part of him that is critical to who he is, that even his studies in the USA haven’t quelled. He recently reminded Kenyans that he will not stand for any nonsense with a tweet that called out the BBC, a media company that he works for.

Malik Obama was Barack’s best man at former president’s wedding – Larry Madowo

Larry who has been working as a US correspondent was shocked that the BBC would get an African to cover the American election-showing the high regard the station holds him with.

But even with such an esteemed employer, Larry doesn’t pull any punches and decided to call them out over what he saw as hypocrisy.

Larry Madowo smiling
Larry Madowo smiling and still alive

He said that the British station had erected barriers to prevent him from using some commonly offensive racist words in his news reports, to refer to someone who had publicly and unapologetically use the same word.

The BBC didn’t allow me, an actual black man, to use the N-word in an article when quoting an African American who used it.

His tweet comes right on the heels of the news that BBC boss, Tony Hall had recently apologized for a news report from their end containing racial slur that was broadcast and ended up being offensive.

Larry’s contention was that a white man could be allowed to say the offensive word while he a black man couldn’t do it.

… a white person was allowed to say it ON TV because it was ‘editorially justified’..[why?]

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

While his viewpoint seemed understandable, many Kenyans warned him to keep his opinions to himself as he could risk losing his job at the prestigious institution. Some of those comments are below;

jack okuku Cheza chini bro utachujwa huku kenya hamna kazi vumilia tu

Gprop Grinning My brother fanya kazi hizo luxury za kutumia N word kwa hewa wachana nazo, unaweza rudia N word mara mia ukisharudi kwako jioni

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