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Go back to your hell-hole! Larry Madowo told by American man

Larry Madowo travelled to the United States of America this past weekend where he is set to begin his fellowship with the Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

But his stay there might have started on a rocky patch. What happened exactly? The BBC Africa business editor attracted the wrath of Americans after he tweeted about the two mass shootings that happened over the weekend.

Larry Madowo in Newyork
Larry Madowo in Newyork

Larry had written on his Twitter page that he went to sleep with news of the El- Passo, Texas shooting that left 20 people dead and woke up to the news of the Dayton, Ohio shooting that cost 6 people their lives. He tweeted;

I went to sleep on news of a mass shooting in El Paso. I woke up to the news of a mass shooting in Dayton. This is only my first weekend living in these United States.

Larry Madowo in front of the cameras
Larry Madowo in front of the cameras

Many Americans were unhappy with his viewpoint and told him that he should go back if he felt unsafe in America. He posted one of the responses he received from one American. It is below;

Many Kenyans were united in support of his message and wholeheartedly agreed. Some pointed out that if the shooting had taken place in Kenya that the American embassy would have quickly issued out a travel advisory.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with his colleagues

Recently, the New York Times was embroiled in controversy after it posted images of dead Kenyans after the horrendous Dusit terror attack that happened earlier in the year.

‘A delayed salon appointment saved my life from the Dusit attack ‘ – Mercy Masika

The hypocrisy was seen as clear as day and night in that American news organisations never post bloody images of their dead but have no such qualms when it comes to brown bodies.


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