Larry Asego’s love letter to Manchester United

Manchester United lost 2-1 to Arsenal Monday night at the FA Cup quarter-final at Old Trafford. For classic 105 drive presenter, Larry Asego who is a United die hard a 12-year wait for the FA Cup victory is a sad affair.

United now have one sole focus which is the race for Champions League qualification in which they are currently trailing Arsenal by a point. Larry Asego was quick to post on his facebook that he still loves his team United. He says, “ At least there’s hope that some day we will win the league and not just have preset ambitions of fourth place. That said a gifted win to Arsenal, enjoy the semi-finals. I still hope you lose that one but for now you have bragging rights. You played well, not spectacular but well enough to win. We hope Wenger remains at Emirates forever too.”

Will Larry Asego need to write another love letter at the end of the Champions League? Check out his heartfelt post below

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