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‘My landlord rapes me to collect his rent,I am an orphan and I feel so helpless’ Cries woman

As millions around the world are busy celebrating the holidays a young woman is contemplating an escape plan from her land lord.

Reason being he has turned her into a s#xual object raping her day in day out just because she is a orphan who cannot afford to pay rent.

Taking to a social media platform the young woman pleaded for help stating that she has tried to run but she is helpless.

” I might be dead by the time you get this if I don’t get help ‘I have lived in a one room apartment for 4 years and my landlord has rapes me to collect his rent , I have tried to move out but when I do I get worse treatment from the streets and I end up running back to him his house and he rapes me to keep me .

I hate life, I hate my life, I feel like a piece of shit the way he misuses my body like a toy, make me do things I don’t want to .

He hits me to get his pleasure and you all need to see my body , my chest is sagged because of the way he misuse it, putting different object into me .”

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She goes on to add

“I am holding a bottle of sniper now because he has asked for anal with 2 of his friends and I can’t give .  I will die if that man penetrates me and I will die a painful death because he is big . I rather die in peace than miserable .

All I need is help , anywhere to stay , till I sort myself out, even if I can’t get money all I want is were to lay my head for now because I know money is hard to come by . Just a home please. Please save me , I am an orphan”

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