Lamu has less marriages and more divorces

ABOUT 20 divorce cases are reported in Lamu Island every month, Lamu’s Marriage and Divorce registrar Mohamed Fumo has said.

Speaking in Lamu town on Saturday, Fumo said spouses are not taking commitment seriously.

“The Islamic religion allows men to marry as many as four wives, but some men think it’s in order to marry today and divorce tomorrow,” he said.

Fumo said there is a misunderstanding of the divorce clause, as stipulated in the Quran.

“A man is only supposed to divorce his wife when something unforgivable has been committed. But the young men of nowadays will divorce a woman whenever they lay their eyes on another woman,” he said.

Fumo said his office receives many complaints from jilted wives left to fend for children got out of such marriages.

Bakari Ahmed, of the Witu Marriages and Divorce registration office, said many men have left the responsibility of fending for the family to their wives.

“Men just wake and laze around doing nothing while their wives run around doing menial chores to ensure their families are fed. At the end of the day these women tire and ask for divorce,” he said.

He said cases of divorces recorded are higher than those of marriages being registered.

-The Star

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