Valentines day

Ladies, your Kings have set reminders for the Men’s Conference on Valentines


The annual secret mens conference goes down today Valentines day at an undisclosed location.

The imaginary event has caused quite a buzz, and I can tell you for free that if it was planned by a woman, it would have happened, but men would never go through with it.

Anyho, let’s keep this fight for another day, and focus on the non existent conference.

Murder suspect Jowie has been invited on social media to attend after he was released on a Sh2million cash bail, and give his two cents, while KANU politician Jackson Kibor know as a father Abraham, and husband to many, will be on the program, to talk about polygamy.

Here are some hilarious things being said about it


Another wrote that


If you thought that was funny, how about this video


Girls does this upset you


It’s not ending with this


Honestly this one has got me crying



What about this one? If it doesn’t get you on the floor, what will




This is offending but inabidii tuzoee



Here’s the last one


Dear Classic 105 fam, if you do have any other hilarious meme’s do share them with us.

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