Ladies: Here are styles that can hide that broken hair line

Don’t we all wish we had the natural thick edges and hairlines that go on forever and ever?

It is sad that thinning or hair loss is a problem that not only affects women, it also affects men in general

Hairloss is caused by one’s use of harmful products on your hair, age, stress and straining your hair with different styles.


Here are some of the ways to protect and also hide your hair from hair loss

Sheila Ndinda

Vlogger and blogger Sheila is a natural hair enthusiast who is a natural hair care enthusiast.

Ndinda has embraced her natural hair and through her, we get to see how she manages natural hair, the styles she recommends and the hair routines she has used.

She has also gone an extra mile to start a natural hair parlour that focuses on natural hair.





The beautiful Kambua has also mastered ways of protective hairstyles that not only focuses on keeping the hairline intact but also gives her hair volume keeping it healthy all the way.

This is also one of the ways that you can hide that broken hairline.


Anita Nderu

Can we just take a moment and admire how neat and classy this hairstyle is?

This is one of the ways that may not necessarily hide the broken hairline, but guess what, it really does help to repair and grow it back.

This is something that you must try.


28436213_1629681710483966_7607611765370650624_n (2)


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Joy Kendi

Vlogger and blogger Joy Kendi is known for her signature look which is the short hair.

Alright, here is the thing, short hair is not only a show of class but to some people, it is also a show of confidence.

Some people who have had hair breakage, have ended up cutting their hair in order for it to start afresh.

This is also a good way for you to start using good and healthy products for your hair and if you have always wanted to go natural, why don’t you start now.




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Kate Actress

Wig it all the way they said.

This is also a good way of hiding that hair breakage.

Well underneath you could do some protective styles like cornrows which could help in bringing your hairline back.

Don’t you think this hair looks good on TV personality and actress Kate?


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